Faraday Protocol feature

Faraday Protocol is a new first-person puzzle adventure game

Deck13 and Red Koi Box have announced a new first-person puzzle adventure game, Faraday Protocol. In this game, players will solve complicated puzzles and discover the hidden secrets of Opis.

Faraday Protocol is a first-person, story-driven puzzle game that will award you with a solid sense of accomplishment when overcoming its challenges. You are Raug Zeekon; interstellar archeologist from planet Cunor. Players will have to investigate the source of a mysterious signal coming from an unexplored star system.

Here are the game’s key features:

  • Puzzle your way through the mysterious space station OPIS
  • Experience a unique blend of Sci-Fi and Art déco
  • Use the Bia-Tool to absorb and redistribute energy
  • Unravel the many mysteries of the station and its governing A.I. “IRIS”
  • Find hidden collectibles that reward especially attentive players

Enjoy the following trailer and stay tuned for more!

Announcing FARADAY PROTOCOL - Announcement Teaser