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Far Cry 6 and Dirt 5 will support Ray Tracing Shadows & Variable Rate Shading

AMD has announced that Far Cry 6 and Dirt 5 will have real-time Ray Tracing effects via DirectX 12 Ultimate. Alongside these two games, AMD confirmed that Godfall, WoW: Shadowlands and The Riftbreaker will also have Ray Tracing effects.

According to the official Twitter account of DirectX 12, the aforementioned games will have ray-traced shadows. AMD has also shared some comparison screenshots that you can find here. However, and as you will see for yourselves, these ray-traced shadows are not that impressive. I mean, they are more realistic, but you’ll have a hard time appreciating or even noticing them.

All of these games will also support Variable Rate Shading. This technique promises to improve performance, however, it can degrade overall image quality. Thus, we don’t recommend using it (unless you desperately need better performance at all costs).

It will be now interesting to see whether Dirt 5, Far Cry 6 and the other games will support NVIDIA’s DLSS 2.0. If not, the performance hit may be too big for a lot of NVIDIA GPUs.

Stay tuned for more!