Far Cry 5 won’t have loot boxes but will have micro-transactions, PC graphics settings unveiled

PCGamer has revealed that Far Cry 5 won’t feature any loot boxes. However, and like most Ubisoft games, this new open-world first-person shooter will feature micro-transactions.

These micro-transactions will be for┬ácosmetic items and time savers. In Far Cry 5, players can find Silver Bars (in outposts and other locations) with which they can buy prestige weapons, vehicles, clothes and skins. And as you’d expect, players will be able to purchase Silver Bars with real money via the in-game store.

Moreover, PCGamer revealed the game’s PC graphics settings, and shared a video showing 30 minutes of gameplay footage from the PC version.

The French team has implemented a respectable amount of graphics settings. In addition, there are also options for the framerate, resolution scale and field of view.

Far Cry 5 is currently scheduled for a March 27th release!

Far Cry 5 PC - Singleplayer footage