Far Cry 3 PC Server Issues, Ubisoft Working On Them

Ah, the true magic of modern-day PC gaming. There is a reason why we don’t like UPLAY, and this is precisely one of those reasons. So, another new Ubisoft game, another set of server issues. Man, that’s simply awesome. As you may have guessed, Far Cry 3 has been released on the PC, and there are currently some server issues due to UPLAY.
As a result of that, Ubisoft decided to take down the servers, meaning that PC gamers cannot enjoy their newly bought title. Well, not exactly as the game is fully playable in offline mode, but still.
So, if you want to enjoy Far Cry 3 PC, you’ll have to run the game in offline mode.
Ubisoft tweeted a couple of minutes ago and stated that they’re working on fixing those server issues.
“Dear #FarCry3PC players we’re very sorry for the server issue affecting your access to the game. We’re working as fast as possible to fix it”
Everything should be working fine now, as Ubisoft tweeted that its servers are back online:
“Dear #FarCry3PC players, thank you for your patience, our servers are back up & running. Have fun playing!”