Far Cry 3 Comparison – SweetFX vs Vanilla Versions

As promised, below you can find a comparison between the vanilla version of Far Cry 3 and some SweetFX mods/configs for it. As usual, some will like them while others will hate them. We’ve created three SweetFX versions, and you can download all three of them from here. We’ve also included some details about the direction we took for each one of the SweetFX configs. Modded screenshots are on the left whereas vanilla shots are on the right.
For the first SweetFX config, we tried to stay as close to the vanilla version as possible. We’ve sharpened the image to high degrees – via the sharpening filter of SweetFX – and tweaked a bit the overall exposure. This config is for those who want to avoid the blurry textures that have been used, though some may find the sharpening a little bit too much.

For the second SweetFX config, we tried to capture the feeling of the first Far Cry game. As a result of that, we raised the game’s saturation and overall vibrance. In addition, we increased the contrast levels in order to achieve a better image. We’ve also reduced the sharpening levels in order to avoid the ‘fake’ feel that was introduced due to our earlier over-sharpening values.

For the third SweetFX config, we tried to offer a more realistic/desert feel to Ubisoft’s title. In order to come close to a desert-like environment, we tried a mix between saturating and de-vibrancing the game’s image. Furthermore, we raised the Bleach setting in order to brighten the shadows and fade the colors, and lowered the contrast levels. The results were quite good, and you can find below what we’ve managed to achieve.