Fan-Made Megaman Game – Megaman Unlimited – Is Now Available & Is Free To Everyone

Megaman fans, forget whatever you’re currently doing and go ahead and download this fan-made Megaman game before Capcom sends a C&D letter to its creators. Megaman Unlimited was in development for five years, and the team behind it has finally released it. As you may have guessed, this is a freeware title, meaning that you can download it for free, right now.
According to its FAQ, you will need at least 500 Mb of free RAM and a decent processor. Yes, this isn’t a very demanding game as it pays tribute to the old, classic Megaman games.
MegaMan Unlimited is a fan-game based on the classic MegaMan series. It is made in the traditional NES graphic style with NES-Style music from MegaPhilX, Kevvviiinnn and ThunderThouin. It is programmed by Jansim, a childhood friend of MegaPhilX’s and Gabriel, a former colleague. Phil is making all the graphics, characters, levels and game designs.
Those interested can download it from its official website.
Megaman Unlimited features:
-8 action-packed Robot Masters stages.
-1 secret Robot Master stage.
-9 special weapons + 2 abilities for Rush.
-A set of 4 final stages
-An item shop where Megaman can purchase items using gathered Bolts.
-A data save & load function
Megaman Unlimited Trailer - Message from Dr Light!