Fallout New York, unofficial expansion for Fallout 4, September build available for download

Modder ‘RoseRosenberg’ has released a new version of his Fallout New York mod/unofficial expansion for Fallout 4. This unofficial expansion is updated on a monthly basis and this brand new version features some fixes and additional improvements to it (though unfortunately the modder did not reveal its changelog).

Fallout New York is currently in an early state. This mod does not feature yet any navmesh, quests, road or extended destruction effects. It’s pretty much in a concept state, meaning that the final version may not look similar to it.

As the modder claimed, the entrance for New York is on Memory Den with a door (for the moment) and he aims to create the atmosphere of Metro with snow, more darkness and more survival elements.

Those interested can download the latest version of Fallout New York from here!