Wolfenstein 3D feature

Extreme Wolfenstein Version 4 adds new map-based enhancements, new graphics, new enemies and grenades

Modder ‘Sigma64’ has released a new version of his Extreme mod for Wolfenstein 3D. In case you weren’t aware of, Extreme Wolfenstein is a gameplay enhancement mod for modern gamers. This mod makes enemies stronger, smarter, and better equipped and some boss levels are automatically tweaked, to include mini-bosses or different items.

This mod also dramatically increases your arsenal; you now have at your disposal a rifle, chain-gun, flamethrower, and rocket-launcher in addition to the original weapons.

Extreme Wolfenstein Version 4 comes with some new map-based enhancements, new graphics for all weapons, dual-wielded MP40s, a richer palette, a few new enemies, more guard variations and grenades.

Those interested can download this mod from here!