Evoland 2 – Unique Time-travelling RPG – Is Now Available On The PC

Shiro Games today announced the launch of Evoland 2. In celebration of this announcement, Shiro Games has released a launch trailer for it. The game is available on Windows, and Mac and Linux versions are expected to follow in the coming months.

Evoland 2 is described as a unique RPG adventure on a grand scale that takes players on a truly epic journey through time and across a variety of classic and contemporary video game styles. Filled with homages, a wide variety of gameplay genres, and an innovative graphical style that evolves throughout the game, Evoland 2 is bursting with charm and character.

Players can expect beat-’em-up battles, puzzles, platforming and much more.

Nicolas Cannasse,creator of the original first Evoland game and CTO of Shiro Games, said:

“We’ve taken every measure to craft a memorable and fully-featured game with Evoland 2. I’m overjoyed to say that we’ve not only fulfilled our original vision, but expanded on it considerably. Shiro Games has come very far since myself and two others created the original Evoland — we’re a tight-knit team of nine now — and we’re confident that both existing Evoland fans and newcomers alike will be charmed by the labour of love that is Evoland 2.”

Evoland 2 focuses on a hero who must protect the strange world he lives in by learning to understand events in different timelines, and in turn attempt to alter a grim future for the better.

“His adventures are filled with mystery and complexities set by traveling in time. Along the way, he will encounter dozens of unique characters, each with their own backgrounds and signature gameplay styles that are linked to the story and triggered by the player’s actions. With a strange secret buried within the core of this world affecting the course of time itself and powerful forces at play, can he change the world’s destiny or is it already set in stone?”

Evoland 2 is available for $19.99/ €19.99/ £14.99 on Steam, GoG and the Humble Bundle store.


Evoland 2 Launch Trailer