ePSXe v2.0.2 (Best Emulator for PlayStation One) Is Now Available, Adds PSX CPU Overclocking Support

The team behind ePSXe, the best emulator ever released for the first PlayStation, has released a new version of it. According to its changelog, this brand new version adds support to overclock the PSX CPU, and improves the GPU timing and comes with various improvements for GPUCORE and the openGL2 plugin.

Those interested can download the mod by simply googling “official ePSXe website”. Do note that we do not allow links to ROMs or to PSX’s bios.

And here is the changelog for ePSXe v2.0.2:

  • Multi-language support. Added French and Russian languages (Thanks to Benjamin Sisko and paul_met). Other languages could be added in a future version.
  • Fixed a delay slot bug in the interpreter cpu mode. It should run again some games broken on interpreter cpu mode on the v2.0. Fixed loading savestates from the UI in interpreter mode.
  • Improved CDROM timing accuracy,bugs and change disc problems. Improved the timing when seeking and reading cdrom sectors, fixed Tales of Destiny 2 changedisc and fixed Twins Story and Harukanaru Toki no Naka de – Banjou Yuugi.
  • Improved the GPU timing (when using the ePSXe GPUCORE). It fixes or improve some games as: Namco Vol 4, Soul Blade, Tunguska, Derby Stallion, Derby Stallion 99, NBA Live 99, Sangokushi Eiketsuden, Dukes of Hazzard, Alice in Cyberland, Vampire Hunter D, Macross Digital Mission VF-X, Monaco Grand Prix Racing, Power Dolls 2, Spots Goes To Hollywood …
  • Improved the GPUCORE. Fixed a bug while transfering data, improved screen centering (Star Ocean 2, Jumping Flash 2, Hogs of War…), fixed some gargabe on the borders when changing the resolution, fixed a scrolling problem, fixed a screen ratio problem when changing from windowing to fullscreen on the fly, added vsync support, and added support to select the blitter as OpenGL2 or OpenGL1 (it should be compatible with some old videocards, but shader support is not supported in OpenGL1 mode).
  • Improved the openGL2 plugin. Fixes Xmen Mutant Academy 1 & 2, Nascar Thunder 2002/2003/2004, Pro Pinball – Big Race Usa, Pro Pinball – TimeShock, Pro Pinball Fantastic Journey and Worms Pinball (use framebuffer effects=0 in the pinball games).
  • Changes in the SPUCORE. Implemented the SPU mute flag, it fixes some sound glitches during the pause in the game: Car & Driver Presents – Grand Tour Racing 98.
  • Changes in the INPUTCORE. Now it has native supports for XInput devices, select Xinput when configurating the gamepad in the config dialog if you want use the XInput API. (mapping buttons is not required).
  • Fixed the external input plugins support when stopping and pressing continue.
  • Fixed the changedisc option when using external GPU plugins.
  • Added support to overclock the PSX CPU. You can select x1, x1.5, x2.0, x3.0 and x4.0. Be careful it could break compatibility.
    (Logo updated thanks to Robert Typek)