Epic Games Store is THQ Nordic’s leading digital platform for Metro Exodus

THQ Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors has confirmed that the majority of the digital sales for Metro Exodus are coming from the Epic Games Store. This basically means that the Epic Games Store is the leading digital platform for Metro Exodus, something that re-affirms the successful PC launch of the game on Epic’s store.

As Lars Wingefors told PCGamesN:

“Epic Games store has exceeded our expectations in terms of sales in actual units of both Metro Exodus and Satisfactory during the quarter. Epic Games store is in fact the group’s leading digital platform in terms of revenue generated by units sales in the quarter ending March.”

Earlier this week during THQ Nordic’s financial presentation, Wingefors claimed that the absolute majority of the revenue for Metro Exodus comes from the console platforms. Since some misunderstood that statement, Wingefors offered a more accurate explanation about the game’s overall sales.

“My statement yesterday about console share of Metro Exodus sales was referring to the two console platforms combined – both physical and digital revenue. This is still the majority of the revenues of Metro Exodus.”

What this ultimately means is that, for better or worse, the Epic Games Store version of Metro Exodus sold well, and that it exceeded THQ Nordic’s expectations.