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Epic Games claims that Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo can run with 40fps on RTX2080 notebook at 1440p

Earlier this week, Epic Games presented an amazing tech demo of Unreal Engine 5 on PS5. That demo was running at 1440p with 30fps and looked spectacular. However, that same demo can already run with 40fps on an NVIDIA RTX2080 notebook at 1440p.

This has been confirmed by Epic Games China. According to Epic Games China, the Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo can already run faster on the PC. Not only that, but it appears that the demo does not take full advantage of PS5’s SSD. After all, an NVMe 970 SSD is more than enough to run the game with 40fps at 1440p.

Thus, a modern system with an NVMe 970 SSD and an NVIDIA RTX2080 can already outperform the unreleased PS5 in this particular tech demo. Again, and while the PS5 SSD is quite a beast, this particular demo does not push it to its limits. However, I think it’s quite obvious right now that owners of such GPUs and SSDs will be fine with next-gen games.

Unreal Engine 5 Tech Demo pushed incredible visuals, so we are really curious to see whether games will actually look as good as it did. After all, we never got close to the Agni’s Philosophy tech demo in the PS4/Xbox One era.

You can find Epic Games China’s comments about the Unreal Engine 5 Demo performance on the PC here. You can listen to Epic Games’ developer talk about the PC performance at the 53-minute point. Just to clarify, the demo they showed later on was NOT running on the PC. The developers revealed the specs and framerate when asked if they had tried to run the demo on a PC.

Here is exactly what the Epic Games developer said.

“Our goal is that the graphic quality like this demo, we want to make it run 60FPS at next-gen consoles. But now we do not reach the goal. Now it is 30FPS. Our target is 60FPS, that is also why we can not release it now. And I can assure you that we can run this demo in our notebook, in editor , not cooked, it even can 40FPS. (Afterwards someone in BBS confirmed that the device is RTX2080 and 970EVO)”

So yeah, good news overall for all PC gamers out there!