Elite: Dangerous – Kickstarter Hits Its £1,25 Million Goal – 51 Hours Left

Elite Dangerous v2
Good news for space fans as Elite: Dangerous has just been funded. Developed by Frontier Developments, Elite: Dangerous promises to remind us what made Elite so great back in the days. In Elite: Dangerous, players will fly a spaceship using a first person from-the-cockpit view, building on the elements from the previous games, with sumptious graphics enabled by the performance of modern PCs – all made possible using procedural techniques.
Frontier Developments had launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund this project and thankfully, they managed to hit its £1.25 million goal, 51 hours before the end of the campaign. Those interested can still back it up though, so act while you still can.
The company has also revealed some stretch goal for this Kickstarter. A Mac version of the game will be available – within 3 months of the initial Windows launch – if the project reached £1.4 million. In addition, Frontier will add another ten playable ships to the game if they manage to hit £1.5 million.
Procedural generation