E3 2012 – Resident Evil 6 Gameplay – Microsoft Conference – Official Trailer

Capcom showcased the latest build of Resident Evil 6 during Microsoft’s E3 2012 Conference and you can find below some new footage from it. As we can see, Resident Evil 6 feels awkward as the quick time events (that were introduced in RE4) have been extended and enhanced. It does look somehow interesting, although there were a lot of framedrops in the X360 build. Let’s hope that Capcom will optimize the game’s scenes in order to avoid them. The company has also released the official E3 trailer for it. Resident Evil 6 is slated for an October 2nd release on X360 and PS3. The game will also hit PC at a later date!

Resident Evil 6 - E3 Official Trailer (PEGI)