Dying Light – New Patch Will Add Option to Disable Chromatic Aberration

Chromatic Aberration is one of the worst graphical effects ever conceived. It looks awful, and it makes a game’s visuals look blurry as hell. Seriously, while this effect may be used in cinematography, it simply does not work well in video-games.

Among other titles, Dying Light is a game that suffers from excessive use of Chromatic Aberration. And thankfully, Techland will add an option to toggle this effect off in an upcoming patch.

As Techland confirmed:

“We are currently working to make the Chromatic Aberration a toggle in the game’s options. It will be available in the upcoming patch (no ETA yet).”

We strongly believe that every developer should offer an option to completely disable Chromatic Aberration. Plain and simple.

Here is hoping that such an option will become a trend and more developers will start implementing it.

Kudos to our reader “John” for informing us!