Dustforce creators announce their latest game, Spire

Hitbox Team, developers of Dustforce, have just revealed their latest indie game called Spire. Spire will be a first person platformer with procedurally generated levels. Contrary to other similar games, though, these levels won’t be randomly generated. Instead, Hitbox plans on implementing an generator with intentional flow for its levels.
According to the team, Spire is about ascending a monolithic tower of unknown origin. The internals of the tower are ever-changing due to the procedural generated levels, meaning that it’ll be a different adventure every time you play.
While exploring, players will encounter myriad dangers and elusive secrets; they must use their wits and limited resources to climb as high as possible.
Players will also have access to an unusual variety of items in the game. A huge part of the mastery will be figuring out novel combinations of the left-hand and right-hand items to overcome different challenges. Some items will be movement focused, some will change the environment, and some will be for protecting or healing yourself.
Sounds promising, though it’s too early to pass any judgement on it. Still, if Dustforce is anything to go by then Spire will be a unique and interesting game!