Dungeons of Dredmor Patch 1.04 Coming Tomorrow

Gaslamp Games announced that the release date for patch 1.0.4 of Dungeons of Dredmor is Tuesday morning – the morning of September 6th, 2011. The actual release candidate was sent to Valve over the weekend and although it could go live on Friday, they decided to delay it because it’s a very bad idea to release a patch on a Friday. “That’s just asking for something to go wrong and for everybody to be frustrated over the long weekend”.
The company has also revealed their plans for the game’s next patch. According to them, Patch 1.05 will most likely be UI upgrades, some fun content, the usual round of fixes and rebalancing, and official/useful modding support. They’re aiming to fire off a patch every two weeks and they hope that they will get the process smooth enough to be able to do so. At the very least, there won’t be delays like that between 103 and 104.
Patch 1.04 Changelog:
– FIXED: Game not correctly processing some right clicking mouse clicks.
– FIXED: Lag due to blood splatters.
– FIXED: Dual wielding was not working, in particular the last skill.
– FIXED: Shield bearer skills were not correctly granting passive attributes.
– FIXED: A number of screwed up achievements in the “skill set” categories.
– FIXED: Warrior health (and other things) were not being calculated correctly.
– FIXED: various spells not working due to having incorrectly set sight buffs.
– FIXED: primary skill buffs were not passing their bonuses through to secondary skill calculations.
– FIXED: Item duplication bug when hitting “0”.
– FIXED: incorrect item values for Cybertronic Amulet.
– FIXED: incorrect item values for Dark Orb.
– FIXED: being able to save and quit the game after your death.
– FIXED: nightmare curse not actually putting monsters to sleep (or correctly triggering the DOT)
– FIXED: narcosomantic induction not always putting monsters to sleep.
– FIXED: SHIFT-Click mode, when turned on, doesn’t correctly handle SHIFT-Clicking as regular clicking.
– FIXED: unliving walls do not become permanent blockers after saving and re-loading the game.
– FIXED: stacked necronomiconomics penalties prevent the player from disabling his other buffs.
– FIXED: right-clicking, off turn, causes left-clicking behaviours..
– FIXED: infinitely long Diggle health bars.
– FIXED: monsters not dying when affected by buffs that reduce their HP (acid burn, etc.)
– FIXED: monsters who are stunned or asleep can no longer dodge, block, or counter-attack.
– FIXED: blank pedestal spawning in the Tomb of the Unknown Hero.
– FIXED: certain weapon powers from Krong never activated
– FIXED: various ways in which the player could abuse the shopping system
– FIXED: some items becoming stackable after you put them in crafting tools.
– FIXED: potion stacking stops working after you save, reload, and put it in a craft tool.
– FIXED: vampirism causing haywire (or crit buffs); normal spellcasting NOT haywiring
– FIXED: bad text in wand, potions tutorials
– FIXED: KRONG text no longer mentions crafting skill
– FIXED: starting part of Monster Zoo music wasn’t playing
– FIXED: This Translation Is All Wrong! wasn’t clearing damage effects on weapons, causing massive damage stacks
– FIXED: a number of spells were not correctly applying blasting damage (Thor’s Fulminaric Bolt, for instance.)
– FIXED: Vampires are no longer told to “eat food to regain health.” (Now they must dreeenk blaht.)
– FIXED: double “bad weapon” penalties.
– FIXED: a bunch of monster inheritance issues.
– FIXED: crash on fullscreen with OS X 10.7
– FIXED: crash while SHIFT-clicking with an object that you have just auto-looted, with auto-loot enabled.
– FIXED: various other issues with the auto-loot.
– FIXED: Various issues with WASD move-to-open.
– FIXED: Lutefisk cube behaviour is now consistent with regards to stacks versus individual units.
– FIXED: game crash when using non-standard characters in character names.
– FIXED: empty tiles appearing in room definitions.
– FIXED: dual wield and counter chance..
– FIXED: mysteriously appearing broken doors.
– FIXED: buffs that cannot be dismissed.
– FIXED: auto-looting for lockpicks.
– FIXED: unliving walls being permanent structures after save/load.
– FIXED: multiple on-hit triggers on corpses.
– FIXED: items get deleted when clicking in inventory and holding down CTRL.
– FIXED: don’t let the game run in resolutions with y resolution < 600.
– FIXED: Dying at the hands of Lord Dredmor no longer gives you the “Thrusty” achievement.
– FIXED: the Thrusty achievement now works.
– FIXED: Mark of Chthon and Magic Steel now correctly buff in a way that scales with magic power.
– FIXED: traps triggered by monsters applying buffs to the players.
– FIXED: pets give you XP when you kill them.
– FIXED: curses on monster stacks cause madness.
– FIXED: game launcher uses 100% CPU
– FIXED: Fine Bronze Cuirass has incorrect stats.
– FIXED: issues with ALT-TAB and SDL causing certain things (quicksell, stack split) to stop working after leaving and returning to the game.
– FIXED: bolt recovery now works for crossbow users on all hits, not just death.
– FIXED: thrown item recovery now works for all thrown items on all hits, not just death.
– NERF: Using a wand now disables invisibility effects.
– NERF: The Obvious Fireball has been Nerfed more obviously than the last un-obvious Nerf.
– NERF: This Translation Is All Wrong! now enacts a Terrible Price. Also, we got to make another Marcus Brody joke.
– NERF: added some more resistances throughout levels to require you to use at least two spells to beat the game.
– NERF: Hand of Belimawr is no longer stackable.
– NERF: Alchemy, in various small, cruel ways.
– NERF: “This Translation is All Wrong” saps magic from items, occasionally.
– BUFF: Psionics gets magic resistance.
– GAMEPLAY: Nerfed, then buffed, Vampirism. It’s sort of about the same, really.
– GAMEPLAY: More fire resistance on Level 9 monsters.
– GAMEPLAY: Black Pearls can now be ground into chalk. Interestingly, this is not a flight of fancy but is based
on Science.
– GAMEPLAY: Heavy armour gives greater magic penalties, but offers more piercing resistance.
– GAMEPLAY: Heavy armour also reduces nimbleness.
– GAMEPLAY: the Jingly Jangly Staff of Crystals now requires alchemy instead of smithing.
– GAMEPLAY: Lutefisk balancing changes.
– GAMEPLAY: Tinkerers can now make Black Powder.
– GAMEPLAY: Robots now do electrical damage. Because, you know, they’re robots.
– GAMEPLAY: Blobbies now leave Acid Pools.
– GAMEPLAY: primary stat buffs now correctly increase your secondary stats.
– Kill the Tutorial Pop-up at the start of the game if you’ve seen it once.
– Monsters have an expanded vocabulary.
– The Bony Wand is now not quite as awful.
– Lord Dredmor is now nastier.
– Added a new, fun monster to Level 10.
– Added craftable thrown weapons.
– Added slightly more informative vending machine tool text.
– Game renders all text using UTF-8 internally, for the Japanese Translation teams. (Ganbatte!)
– Upped Pyrokinesis damage.
– Made acid traps marginally less deadly.
– Fixed zorkmid scaling drop rate.
– Changed graveyard text so people no longer think their scores are negative.
– Weapon and armour stats have been given some more love.
– Elven Ingot Grinder is now affected by alchemy, not smithing or tinkering.
– Alchemists now start with an Ingot Grinder, giving them more rubbish than any other class.
– Adjacent monsters now display health bars consistently.
– Trap outlines are now drawn on top of walls when they are obscured.
– ALT-click will now split stacks in the inventory.
– Added a new minimap interface, and some minimap icons for Lutefisk Shrines, quest statues, Anvils, etc.
– Added some more rooms of Fun.
– Added some rings and amulets that give Necromantic Resistance, for those days when you need Necromantic Resistance.
– Vampires no longer get an “eat food to regain health” message.
– Pet AI improvements; your Moustache Golem now longer has the intelligence of a protozoa. (We’re now at “easily frightened wombat”)
– Added more achievements.
– New throwing item recipes.
– Added a reward for clearing a Monster Zoo.
– Autoloot toggle moved to config screen.
– Added “DIGEST” button for automatic digestion of foods.
– New “Random Skills” icon.