Dungeon Hunter: Alliance at the Top of the PlayStation Store

Gameloft is pretty pleased with the sales of their latest action RPG for PS3, Dungeon Hunter: Alliance. The game managed to climb to the top of the list of most downloaded games on the PlayStation Store, as it ranked number 1 in the U.S. and reached an excellent number of downloads in Europe.
Julien Fournials, Senior Vice-President of Production at Gameloft said:
“We wanted to offer an action RPG that delivers a phenomenal gaming experience in solo and multiplayer modes at a very affordable price. We know that we’ve reached our goal when our game is ranked number one. This proves that players recognize the value of the games we have to offer.”
So what exactly is Dungeon Hunter: Alliance? It’s an action RPG that was released for PS3 and offers solo or party action with up to 4 heroes. The game features 30 settings in a gothic world and lots of missions – side and main quests. Furthermore, players can choose between classic controls and the PlayStation Move motion controller, which will allow them to simulate point-and-click controls found in the best games of the genre on PC.
Check out the following trailer to get a glipse of it.
Dungeon Hunter: Alliance - PS3 - multi trailer by Gameloft