DUAL GEAR – Unreal Engine 4-powered Mecha Turn-Based Game – Pre-alpha Demo Now On Steam

In order to meet its initial IndieGoGo goal, Orbital Speed Studio has launched the updated Pre-Alpha Demo for DUAL GEAR on Steam. Currently, the game sits at 22% fund of the $60 000 target. The game is planned to be release on Q1 2017.

Dual Gear is a game that mixed strategies and action together, and promises to challenge the player to both to react and plan strategies in the same battlefield.

The game will focus heavily into the epic storyline, spanning over 30 missions.

“Set in the ruin of the world that was destroyed by the fallen station. A new instrument of war was born, the Dual Gear. The player will take a role of a military organisation commander. They will be able to recruit their own pilots and build/manage their own Dual Gear’s squad.”

All of the Dual Gear is fully customizable, with over 60 weapons to choose from.

DUAL GEAR Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage (MESSA Mission)