Driver: San Francisco Patch 1.03 Is Out Now

Ubisoft released today a new patch for their racing game, Driver: San Francisco. Although this patch will be auto-downloaded from Ubisoft’s launcher, you can also download it manually from here. This third update for Driver: San Francisco is 64MB in size and adds support for Logitech’s G27 steering wheel, as well as for very high screen resolutions. You can view the complete changelog after the jump.
Driver: San Francisco Patch 1.03 Changelog:
– Added support for Logitech G27 Steering Wheel.
– Game now supports very high screen resolutions (up to 2560*1600).
– Several menu control glitches fixed.
– In some rare cases players may observe FPS stutter. This is now fixed.
– Fixed an issue when the game was unable to locate player’s saves if his Uplay account contained ‘.’ (dot character).