Drakensang Online hits nine million registered players, leaves beta phase

Drakensang Online, the award-winning online hack & slay from Bigpoint, is celebrating the end of its beta with nine million registered players! To mark the occasion, the development team is staging a number of in-game events. With the recent Atlantis update, the game world and content is now four times as big as when the action RPG first went into beta almost a year ago. High time to check the game out (again) and give all the new features a thorough review! Let us know via email (CONTACT EMAIL), if you would like to use one of the specially prepared review game accounts at our disposal and explore the world of Drakensang Online.
To show off the game’s biggest ever content update that has added the new continent of Atlantis, Bigpoint has released a new trailer featuring many of the monstrous mobs that stand in the way of heroic players as they make their way to do battle with new endboss Gorga.
Drakensang Online Facts:
· Instant Action: Play instantly without download
· Hack & Slay MMO with thousands of players simultaneously
· Nine million registered players worldwide
· Three archetypes: Spellweaver, Dragonknight and Ranger
· Weekly content updates
· Three talent trees with approx. 100 talents to choose from
· Hundreds of hours of gameplay: crafting, pets, several PVP modes, more than 30 active skills and much more
Drakensang Online: Atmosphärischer Trailer zum "Atlantis" Add-on