Dragon’s Prophet – European Open Beta Phase Launches Today

Infernum Productions announced that it will be launching today the Open Beta of its highly anticipated fantasy MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet. From 2pm onwards, players can submerge themselves in an immersive fantasy world inhabited by over 300 unique dragons.
Owners of the Founder Packs have been granted one day early access and have already begun exploring Auratia today, and training, riding and fighting alongside their dragons. Today’s Open Beta trailer unveils some of Dragon’s Prophet’s prized dragons taking Europe by storm.
During the Open Beta phase up until the official release, Dragon’s Prophet will be continuously improved upon, in close cooperation with the rapidly-growing community. Major updates and large-scale expansions are already in the works.
The Open Beta launch will introduce Puretia a new and uncharted starter area featuring majestic waterfalls and active water mills and spectacular airships fighting high up in the sky. In contrast, a smoldering volcanic landscape can be found close-by, and on their way to Arboran, the region’s bustling capital, players will need to traverse deep and dizzying canyons with dangers lurking around every boulder.
Infernum Productions has also released an open beta trailer for Dragon’s Prophet that can be viewed below.
Dragon's Prophet - Dragons Take Over Europe