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Dragon Age: Origins receives an AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack, improving over 2200 textures

Modder ‘NewActionPotential’ released a HD Texture Pack for Dragon Age: Origins that overhauls over 2200 textures. In order to achieve this, the modder used AI techniques, meaning that these new textures retain the style of the original textures.

Going into more details, NewActionPotential used ESRGAN in order to upscale over 2200 textures by 2x or 4x. In addition, multiple pre-trained models were used to reduce DDS compression artifacts, remove anti-aliasing, and add detail.

Dragon Age: Origins came out in 2009 and it has a lot of low-resolution textures. As such, we strongly suggest downloading this HD Texture Pack. After all, it noticeably improves numerous textures without altering their look or style.

This mod is 4.6GB in size, and you can download it from here. Below you can also find some comparison screenshots between the vanilla and the modded textures.


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