Dragon Age: Inquisition May Slip To 2015, TitanFall Will Remain Exclusive To Xbox One/X360/PC

Dragon Age Inquisition

During its Q2 2014 financial call last night, the big publisher revealed that Dragon Age: Inquisition may slip to 2015. Now this isn’t surprising at all as we haven’t get any footage of this upcoming RPG for quite sometime. Not only that, but a gameplay footage is nowhere to be found, suggesting that this RPG is still far from being complete.

AsĀ EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said:

“We were highly conscious of the fact that, if Battlefield is as successful as we believe it’ll be, that that sets ourselves up for a challenge next year. But remember, we’re introducing NBA this year. We’re introducing UFC next year. We have Sims next year, we would most likely, possibly have Dragon Age next year.”

In other news, Electronic Arts announced that TitanFall will remain exclusive to Xbox One, X360 and PC for its lifetime. Although there were rumors that TitanFall will come to Sony’s console at a later date, the big publisher cleared up those rumors – TitanFall will not be coming to other platforms.

Despite the fact that TitanFall will not be coming to PS4, Respawn reassured fans that it will develop games for Sony’s console some in the near future. Of course this does not matter for us, as PC gamers will be getting both TitanFall and – hopefully – all the other games that Respawn will develop.