Doomiablo is a cool recreation of Doom 2 in Diablo 2

Have you ever wondered what a mashup between Doom and Diablo would look like? Well, time to find out as YouTube’s ‘DoIIoM’ has shared a video showing Doom 2 being recreated in Diablo 2.

While this is described as a tech demo, it features almost everything; from the game’s environments to its monsters and weapons. And as you may have expected, this recreation will not only allow you to play Doom 2 with Diablo 2’s isometric camera but will also introduce some RPG elements to id Software’s shooter.

It looks bloody awesome, so be sure to watch the video. DoIIoM has not commented yet on whether he will release a public version of this recreation. Right now he is seeking feedback in the YouTube comments section, and claimed that melee combat will be coming in a later version. So yeah, here is hoping that he releases even a beta version of this tech demo sooner than later.

Thanks PCGamer

Doomiablo 0.1.0 - Tech Demo - Environment, Monsters, Duel & Weapons