Doom3: Mars City Security Mod comes with Time-Of-Day Cycle and CoOperative Gameplay

Mars City Security is a Doom 3 mod that adds a CoOp mode and promises to take Doom3’s Coop experience to the next Generation and beyond. This mod is developed by Scared Pixel Studios and doesn’t have any release date as of yet. However, the team has been posting updates about its progress and they’ve just announced today the implementation of a fully multiplayer compatible time of day system for the MCS gametype “DemonWars”.
The Global Sunlight, Ambientlight, Fog and Skybox now dynamically change and influence each other as the players cooperatively fight monsters over the network/internet.
In addition, Scared Pixel Studios released two videos. In the first one, the team shows a timelapsed tod cycle of the new DemonWars arena map “Mars Station”. The second video on the other hand, features 3 minutes of cooperative gameplay showcasing some of the latest game changes on the new time of day enabled Omega Complex DemonWars Arena map.
MCS: Mars City Security Multiplayer Time of Day Timelapse...

Mars City Security: DemonWars Coop Gameplay October 2011