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DOOM is now 24 years old and here are some of its best total conversion mods

DOOM has turned today 24 years old. On December 10th, 1993, id Software released the game that changed the first-person genre forever. And in order to celebrate the game’s 24th anniversary, we’ve decided to share with you some of its greatest total conversion mods.

Let’s start with the obvious one, Brutal Doom. Brutal Doom is a mod that even inspired id Software for the new DOOM game. This mod packs major gameplay improvements and tweaks, supports online play and features more gore and gibs than ever before. Its latest version, V2.1, is now in beta phase and will release – hopefully – in 2018. Brutal Doom has been used, by a lot of other mods, as their base and one of them is Brutal Unreal 99. This mod brings the weapons of Unreal 99 and it’s super cool. Below you can find videos from both Brutal Doom and Brutal Unreal 99.

Brutal Doom v21 - OPEN BETA Trailer


Our next featured mod is Doomzone. This mod adds a new class-based gameplay to the game, featuring 13 different player classes, five grenade types, and a whopping 82 weapons. It also adds new particle effects, randomized item and weapon spawns, new difficulty settings with even tougher enemies and behavior and promises a different experience for every playthrough.

As you may have noticed, both Brutal Doom and Doomzone are not exactly total conversion mods as they bring gameplay changes to the game itself. So, time now for some real total conversions. The first one is Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny. Castlevania : Simon’s Destiny is a standalone non-profit GZDOOM based fan game that aims to reinvent the very first NES title of the franchise with a nostalgic yet brand new first-person gameplay.

Our second featured total conversion mod is Doom 64 Retribution. This project is a full re-make and “port” of Doom 64 for the Nintendo 64 to the GZDoom engine. Doom 64 Retribution aims to be as accurate to the original game as possible and add minor improvements. For example, this mod features fake sky-hack 3D geometry that was recreated by using actual 3D floors.

Console Doom Enhanced is our third featured total conversion mod. This mod takes the console total conversions and their expansions and mixes them with various effects that do not stray too much from the source. The purpose is not to accurately recreate the original experiences, but to imagine it as if they had been ported to PC with various visual enhancements.

Aliens TC, created by Justin Fisher and based on the movie Aliens, was the first total conversion for doom and is one of the most famous mods. While there is also a new Aliens total conversion mod in development (Aliens: The Ultimate Doom), we’re featuring this classic one. And since we’re talking about Aliens, there is also a Aliens: Colonial Marines total conversion mod for Doom.

Gzdoom Aliens: Colonial Marines (UV) 1/2

Last but not least, we have Batman Doom. Batman Doom is a total conversion mod that was created by ACE Team in 1999. In Batman Doom, the player plays as Batman fighting various criminals in Gotham City. For this particular total conversion mod, ACE Team recommends using the BOOM source port.

Batman Doom - Level 1

Have fun everyone!