Doom Eternal Slayer mod header screenshot

Doom Eternal Slayer Mod turns Doom 2 into a third-person hack n slash melee game

Modder ‘zheg’ has released a pretty cool mod for the classic Doom games. As the title suggests, Doom Eternal Slayer turns Doom 2 into a third-person action melee game. And, to be honest, it looks retro-cool.

Going into more details, this mod features a completly 3D player model with cool animations to hack n’ slash the monsters in many ways.

The final version of Doom Eternal Slayer will contain 3 melee weapons and the the original weapons from Doom II. Moreover, it will contain an exclusive boss fight with the Marauder and the Icon of Sin.

Doom Eternal Slayer really reminded of PlatinumGames’ action games, as well as Devil May Cry. Thus, if you are fans of these games, you’ll love this mod.

You can download this early version of Doom Eternal Slayer from here. Below you can also find a video that showcase the mod in action.

Have fun!