Dishonored PC features FOV slider, a mouse acceleration option and an exclusive shortcut bar

Arkane Studios had already stated that the PC version would be getting some extra love with various specific features and UI enhancements. Therefore, Dishonored PC will feature a FOV slider, controller and mouse sensitivity options, as well as four different options related to auto aim strength and aim assist, mouse smoothing/acceleration slider and enable/disable options, as well as graphics options for the full spectrum of monitor resolutions, anti-aliasing, and various other graphical toggles.
PC gamers will be able to completely disable the game’s UI. Moreover, Arkane Studios added a PC-only shortcut bar that can be enabled by hitting one of the shortcut keys (by default, the shortcuts are mapped to the 1-10 keys). Furthermore, PC gamers will have the option to use the standard Quick Access Wheel, which defaults to “mouse wheel click” on PC. Gamepads will also be supported.
Dishonored is currently slated for an October 9th release and promises to be one of the best games of 2012.
Enjoy the following screenshots and stay tuned for more!