Digital Reality Gives Us A Glimpse Of Its Imperium Galactica Game With This Tech Demo

Imperium Galactica Stargazer
Digital Reality has just released a technological demo – called Imperium Galactica: Stargazer – exhibiting its new Stargazer engine capable of generating customized planets in real-time. It is the first step on a road for Digital Reality that they have been thinking about for some time now. Digital Reality is currently working on a new Imperium Galactica game, which will use this engine.
The new game is still in its initial stages, but, when completed, it will stand as an online game set in the Imperium Galactica universe. This will involve a long-term development of several playable phases published in the future. Digital Reality aims to update the Imperium Galactica: Stargazer site and the game by frequently deployed releases until they realize the company’s vision, while doing it as quickly as possible. As the project forms, Digital Reality continues to recruit new team members to fulfill the game’s utmost potentials.
Those interested can download this tech demo from here.
After giving it a go, we have to say that this space game looks interesting and shows great potential. There is a full night-day cycle, though some lighting effects are still missing and Digital Reality really needs to polish the game’s visuals.
Oh, and in case you are wondering then no. Even though Imperium Galactica: Stargazer looks sweet, it cannot come close to Infinity (you can view an old tech demo of Infinity below).
Infinity Pre-Alpha Tech Demo April 2010 - Part 1