DICE’s Johan Andersson – “If Your Console Version Is Equal To PC Ultra, You Are Not Taking Advantage Of PC”

While Battlefield 4 faced a number of network issues, the engine that was powering it – the Frostbite 3 engine – was a really piece of art. Frostbite 3 scales incredible on penta-core CPUs, and is one of the few games that looks significantly better on PC than on consoles. Not only that, but the engine did not overload a GPU’s VRAM in order to display high-resolution textures.

And after Ubisoft’s comments that Far Cry 4 would look – on current-gen consoles – the same as the PC Ultra settings, DICE’s Johan Andersson decided to call them out. As the Technical Director of the Frostbite engine claimed, a team is simply not taking advantage of the PC if its Ultra settings are similar to those found on current-gen consoles.

“Embarrassing to hear devs say their console versions is the same quality as “ultra high” on PC. Then you are _not_ taking advantage of PC!”

Johan Andersson has also expressed his disappointment towards the recently announced 30fps current-gen console games. As Andersson said regarding The Order 1886:

“They [Ready at Dawn] are a console exclusive so framerate has a massive impact. but yes it is BS, gameplay is always better at higher framerate”

Fire shots everywhere. To his credit, Frostbite 3 is an amazing engine so let’s not start the ‘Battlefield 4 is broken, so you have no right to criticize others’ circle.

Still, this does not excuse DICE and EA from not providing mod tools for both BF3 and BF4, but then again they wouldn’t be able to milk this golden cow.