DICE: Next-Gen Consoles Close In On What Today’s PCs Can Do, Won’t Take Long Before PCs Can Do More

Battlefield 4 v2
We’ve been witnessing lately a lot of industry people getting excited about next-gen consoles. As you already know, though, both PS4 and X720 won’t surpass what current-gen high-end PCs are capable of. And it seems that DICE shares tha same point of view. In an interview with GameInformer, DICE’s Karl Magnus revealed that next-gen consoles are closing in on what current-gen PCs are capable of, however they are not surpassing them.
As Magnus said when GameInformer asked him about next-gen consoles:
“We have a long heritage of PC, and PC is a platform that has been scaled very well over the years. Naturally we’re very excited now seeing consoles that actually close in on what the PCs of today can do – even though it won’t take long before the PCs can do even more.”
In short, Magnus confirmed what most of us already knew. Yes, today’s PCs are capable of producing really great visuals. It’s no stress to say that most GPUs are barely used with most current-gen titles (that is if you do not crank up AA or use a 4K resolution. And let’s exclude games that offer visually better PC versions, like Crysis 3 or Metro: Last Light). Unfortunately, though, developers are not taking advantage of them.
The good – and the bad – news is that those with high-end specs won’t encounter major performance issues when next-gen titles hit streets. That is unless we get completely messed up ports, like GTA IV.
Moreover, we should note that some next-gen titles (that are planned for a launch release) are not even running in proper 1080p resolution. This might be good news for those we love high frame-rates, however it will undoubtedly have a negative impact on those games visuals (not that much of an issue as with current-gen games, but still a minor issue).
For what is worth, though, DICE believe that PC is the most powerful platform at this point and that next-gen consoles are closing in.
Enjoy and stay tuned for more!