Deep Black: Reloaded is coming in Q1 2012 to the PC

Just A Game and Biart Company announced today that they’ll continue their cooperation on the PC title “Deep Black: Reloaded”. Both parties settled their recent differences amicably and are now joining forces in order to successfully launch the project on an international level.
The initial point for the conflict was a contractual misunderstanding which has neither affected the development status nor the product quality. “Deep Black: Reloaded” is a heavily improved version of the original Deep Black game, which will offer brand new gameplay mechanics and a modified AI. In addition to all gameplay improvements the developer also included motion control to its third person shooter.
Both contractual partners are happy to continue the partnership and to realize “Deep Black: Reloaded” as it was originally projected.
Konstantin Popov, CEO of Biart Company said:
“We are happy that the parties have reached consensus. After I left the Russian company and set up a company in the USA, we had to work on the IP’s we owned. We not only got all projects from the Russian company, but also considerably improved their quality. Deep Black: Reloaded is based on a brand new version of the biEngine technology.”
Christian Sauerteig, Director Sales & Licensing of Just A Game added:
“We are happy that players get a high quality production that differs greatly from the previous version. The game officially supports NVIDIA 3D VISION READY, and also supports Razer Hydra controller. Deep Black: Reloaded is optimized for Intel Sandy Bridge, which means it will run well on Ultrabooks. Furthermore the game offers a lot of new content and improved gameplay.”
“Deep Black: Reloaded” is close to Gold Master status and will hit the international markets in Q1 2012.
Deep Black : Reloaded (PC) Trailer