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DayZ Update 1.11 brings major stability improvements

Bohemia Interactive announced the release of update 1.11 for its multiplayer zombie survival game, DayZ. The new update stabilizes important features of the game, significantly improving the overall experience for players.

Furthermore, with Update 1.11, a complete wipe of both characters and official servers will take place. The wipe is meant to compliment the update 1.11 for a fresh start into 2021. It also secures us a clean foundation to monitor the changes made with previous economy updates.

DayZ 1.11 Update Teaser

Below you can find the key features of this latest update.

DayZ Update 1.11 Key Features
  • Fixed various zombie behaviors such as the infected colliding and going through the player’s character.
  • Interaction with cars is more realistic, fixing random character bugs when entering and leaving cars.
  • No more strange interruptions when sea fishing
  • Huge improvements to horticulture
  • Polished damage dealing and triggers
  • Massive improvement on the engine script, allowing servers to load more mods than ever before.