DayZ Standalone – 20 Minutes Of Gameplay Footage

DayZ mod v3
Dean “Rocket” Hall has released a new devblog for the standalone version of DayZ, showcasing 20 minutes of gameplay footage. DayZ Standalone features better visuals than its mod counterpart, though we can see all known ‘issues’ that are present in Bohemia’s ArmA titles – like low-res blurry textures at the distance and flickering objects. Naturally, some of them will be ironed while other won’t be fixed or tweaked (a ‘noisy’ texture would be ideal for the distant textures. After all, that was the technique that a lot of Skyrim modders followed in order to provide a better IQ). Still, DayZ is not popular for its visuals, but for its atmosphere and gameplay mechanics. And thankfully, this standalone version looks even better than its mod version. DayZ Standalone is planned for release later this year. Enjoy!
DayZ Devblog 8 March 2013