Day One: Garry’s Incident Gets A Kickstarter Campaign, Console Versions Hinted

Day One Garrys Incident
Seems like a lot of indie studios/teams are launching their Kickstarter campaigns in order to fund their games. So, Wild Games Studio has launched a campaign for its Unreal Engine 3 powered FPS, Day One Garry’s Incident. The team aims to raise $50K and there are still 29 left to it. Day One: Garry’s Incident promises to be a mature Adventure FPS Survival Game of a whole new kind, and this Kickstarter will allow them to complete episode one and eventually bring the complete series on game console in a multiplayer co-op format.
Day One Garry’s Incident will feature FPS Survival gameplay, in which players will be able craft their own weapons and ammunition, and search for food to survive. The game will come with a destructible and open world environment, and will support four languages: English, French, German & Spanish.
As Wild Games Studio said:
“We originally planned to raise the money to bring out this game on pc in episodes.Then with the overwhelming amount of feedback and support to bring this out to console, we started this campaign on Kickstarter.”