Dawn of Fantasy – New Game Mode Introduced

Reverie has just informed us about the new game mode that has been added to Dawn of Fantasy. Therefore, players wishing to practice their tactics or to take a break from the high-stakes “Online Kingdom” environment can check out Kingdom Wars, an innovative and fast-paced take on siege warfare. Dawn of Fantasy enables players to build up villages into towns and then mighty strongholds, to manage a thriving, persistent economy, and to lay siege to enemy armies and citadels with great trebuchets, the brute strength of the walking woods, and fire-breathing dragon mercenaries to reign supreme!
Kingdom Wars is a “Conquer-the-World” style game mode with dozens of ways to play, merging Dawn of Fantasy’s epic siege warfare, army progression, and stunning world with an intelligent and aggressive AI while leaving out town micromanagement and questing to promote fast-paced action at every turn! Instead of building a homeland, players will jump straight into the action by claiming any of the game’s 12 primary strongholds before selecting their choice of three epic quests: to unify their realm by conquering the three remaining major strongholds of their race, to take the other two realms by successfully sieging all eight of their towns, or to conquer the world by controlling all 12 strongholds.
These tasks, however, are easier said than done. For not only will each of these massive strongholds put up a good fight, but they will send out armies to try and claim your lands just as you vie for control of theirs. Players will control each of the towns they conquer, enabling them to command thousands of units of all races and oversee the demands of great towns from Dagbor to Pultak. While economic and town management have been greatly simplified in this mode, diplomacy has not. Players are encouraged to send out convoys to meet with other rulers. Forge powerful alliances to help you handle those three enemy armies headed for your town, establish mutually beneficial trade routes to support a growing army, offer gifts of tribute and peace agreements to improve relations to end a premature war, or declare war or abolish existing agreements to expand your kingdom!
Dawn of Fantasy Sieges Developer Diary Video