Darwinia is now available on Good Old Games

Darwinia is a really unique game and we are delighted to see it being re-released in CDP’s Good Old Games. The game is said to be a strategy game and a puzzle game and an action game in equal parts and is priced at $9.99 USD. The core gameplay is a mix of strategy, action, puzzle and God games and it was honored with very positive reviews and a gaming award nomination – Best Game in the GameShadow Innovation in Games Awards 2006.
Darwinia is a world where the Darwinians (artificially intelligent polygons) with their simple but growing AI live, grow, and evolve. However, the world was infected with a malignant virus, and the completely panicked and not-so-completely sane Dr. Sepulveda, creator of Darwinia, enlists you to clear out viruses which have infected his “virtual theme park”.
Those interested can purchase it from here.