Darkfall 2.0 – wipes on various levels under consideration

Tasos Flambouras posted an interesting activity report at Darkfall’s website, in which he warns users that Aventurine might wipe Darkfall’s characters when it’s 2.0 version is launched. According to Flambouras, this is an important decision because while the 2.0 version of Darkfall is a new game, it’s still the continuation of the original. Moreoever, Flambouras stated that it would not be necessary to wipe the characters in the new version but at the same time, wiping would also not be as drastic as it would be in this current version of Darkfall.
Darkfall 2.0 will be a very ambitious project. As Flambouras wrote:
“It’s the product of more than 2 years of lessons learned and evolving the game, and a full year of development with a much larger team than we had for Darkfall.  No aspect of the game has been left untouched. It’s very much a new game, but at the same time it’s the next chapter to the game we’re currently playing.”
Those of you who’ve already purchased Darkfall won’t have to pay for this new version of the game. Moreover, active subscribers will have priority in playtesting and in a developer interaction group about the new game.
Last but not least, there is no ETA yet for Darkfall 2.0, although Aventurine will know more in August.