CRYENGINE – Photogrammetry Fan Tech Tree Demo Released

Photogrammetry is a technique that we hope to see in more and more games. Thanks to it, video-games can look spectacular. Some games using it are The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Get Even and Star Wars: Battlefront. A couple of days ago, CRYENGINE member ‘Synce‘ decided to experiment with this technique and released a small demo.

As Synce noted, his small tech demo features a high definition mesh (321 291 polygons), 2×8192 textures (albedo, normal and smoothness), a dynamic rotation, zoom functionalities (fov 45 to 30) and a dynamic depth of field (distance, range, amount).

Those interested can download this demo from here.

As Synce concluded:

“I tried to have a sharp and realistic render, even if my camera and lens are cheap. The demo is highly optimized, it should run on any DX11 computer.”


Photogrammetry: Père-Lachaise Demo