CryEngine 3-powered Action RPG ‘Umbra’ Will Support New AI Platform, Gets New Footage

SolarFall Games today announced that its hack n slash CryEngine 3 action RPG, Umbra, will support Kythera, a new AI platform. According to the development team, everything in Umbra will be dynamic, including the AI. Characters can react to blocked routes if the player destroys a bridge or doorway, as well as finding new ways across moving objects or around cleared debris.
Kythera’s Dynamic Navigation feature-set monitors all changes in Umbra?s world, recalculating AI navigation in real-time. It saves a lot of complex scripting, and opens up exciting new gameplay possibilities, as the player interacts with Umbra?s highly destructible and dynamic environment.
Umbra is said to put the player in a post-apocalyptic fantasy universe, with features including:

– Violent combat against large groups of organized enemies
– Destructible environment
– Day and night cycle and weather management
– Deep story background and oppressive ambiance
– Many different gameplay mechanisms and skills to defeat your enemies
– Free character progression
– Powerful craft system and semi-procedural weapon generation

Umbra - Dynamic Navigation powered by Kythera