CryEngine 3 Jurassic Park Game – Project Crynosaurs – Tech Demo v1.0 Released

Jurassic Park v3
Hell bloody yeah. Remember the Jurassic Park Source Engine project? Well dino fans, get ready for another fan-made dino game, this time on CryEngine 3. According to the team, Project Crynosaurs will be free for the foreseeable future but they may be interested in producing a commercial game based on the progress they make with it and it’s popularity.
This is a stand alone game, meaning that you will need to own a Crysis game in order to play it. Note: you don’t need Crysis but any Crysis game, meaning that Warhead or Crysis 2 will also give you the ability to enjoy it. You’ll also need a CryDev account to be able to play it
Those interested can download the demo from here. In this demo, players can control a compsognathus.
As the team notes, this tech demo is far from perfection. Some of you will encounter some interesting bugs, most of which they are painfully aware of and working on.