Creatures 4 coming on PC/Mac this year; to be unveiled at GamesCom

Interactive, Gameware and Fishing Cactus announced today that they will be attending this year’s GamesCom and that they’ll reveal there their latest game. Moreover, the game will be playable as a World premiere not only for the press but also for the lucky visitors who will attend the exhibition!
Creatures 4 is a life simulation game featuring the most adorable creatures: the Norns. Thanks to its one of a kind Artificial Intelligence, they come with their own fully complete DNA, making them unique and allowing them to evolve, learn, interact and even reproduce! Their physical appearance and behaviors are all influenced by their genetics (but not gene manipulation!) and experience. Nature or nurture, the possibilities in Creatures 4 are absolutely infinite!
Creatures 4 is expected by the end of the year on PC/Mac, along with a Collector’s edition boxed version. The game will also be available on iOS platforms (iPhone, iPod and iPad).