Creative Director of Watch Dogs Reassures Fans That The Game Looks Better Than The Aisha Trailer

Watch Dogs v2
Yesterday, we posted a new trailer from Watch Dogs. If you’ve already watched it, then you’ll be definitely wondering why that trailer looked so awful. Our guess was that the game was captured from the current-gen (PS3/X360) version of the game, and that the PC/PS4/Xbox One versions would look way better. Although we don’t know about the visual state of the current-gen version, the creative director of Watch Dogs decided to break his silence and reassure fans that the game will look way better than the Aisha Tyler trailer.
According to Jonathan Morin, this trailer was the result of someone who messed things up. That ‘someone’ did not know the tech or what stuff to check. When a fan asked why Ubisoft to give the green light to this trailer and release it, Morin had this to say:
“You know sometimes 100s of people working together causes communications issues lets just say that”
In short, this video was never meant to be released in its current form.
Morin then reassured fans that the game featured better graphics than those showcased in the Aisha Tyler trailer.
No worry to have on graphics at all, believe me‘ said Morin to a fan, followed by a ‘Love your passion guys but I see the game every day and I can tell you, this trailer is far from it‘ comment to another fan.
When a fan asked about the WiiU version, Morin said that it looked fine on Nintendo’s hardware.
“Agreed, I played the Wii U version last week… Should be fine”
Morin concluded that this trailer was ‘hilarious in its own way‘ due to the reaction of the media and the public.
So there you have it everyone. It seems that something went wrong when Ubisoft captured this gameplay footage. What went wrong? Well, only the one responsible for that trailer is aware of.
Watch Dogs is planned for release later this year on PC, PS3, X360 and WiiU, and will also appear on PS4 and Xbox One!
Watch Dogs - Aisha Tyler Trailer