GhostWire Tokyo new feature

Confirmed, Bethesda has added Denuvo to Ghostwire: Tokyo

A few hours ago, Tango Gameworks released the Spider’s Thread Free Update for Ghostwire: Tokyo. And, according to some changes to the game’s executable file, users assumed that Bethesda has added Denuvo to the game. And yes, we can now confirm that the game indeed uses the Denuvo anti-tamper tech.

In order to find out whether the game uses Denuvo, we simply used MSConfig in order to change the number of CPU cores our AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D uses.

Like with all Denuvo games, after five CPU changes, you’ll get the following authentication error message. So yes, the game now uses Denuvo, there is no doubt about that.

Ghostwire Tokyo Denuvo

Ghostwire: Tokyo launched a year ago, so it feels a bit weird adding Denuvo to such an old game. My guess is that Tango Gameworks may be working on an expansion, which kind of explains why Bethesda added Denuvo to it.

Anyway, Bethesda should at least add Denuvo to the game’s Steam store page.

Ironically, a couple of days ago, Capcom removed Denuvo from Resident Evil Village. Earlier this year, Square Enix also removed the anti-tamper tech from TRIANGLE STRATEGY, VALKYRIE ELYSIUM and The Diofield Chronicle. 2K Games has also removed it from The Quarry.

Stay tuned for more!