COD: Black Ops 2 PC – Adjustable FOV and Lean in MP confirmed, Significant Performance Improvements

Here is some great news for all Call of Duty fans. According to Treyarch’s lead PC developer, Cesar Stastny, Black Ops 2 will feature adjustable FOV and lean in Multiplayer. As you may have guessed, these are some major features and will be exclusive to the PC version. And although we bet that a lot of you want adjustable FOV and in the SP mode of Black Ops 2, that might not happen.
Cesar stated that an adjustable FOV breaks a lot of things in SP mode. Cesar is obviously referring to all those scripted events that will plague yet again Call of Duty. However, a simple FOV change should not break things (something that has been proved in The Darkness II). Treyarch is still evaluating, so here is hoping that they’ll find a way to enable the FOV slider and in SP mode.
Cesar has also said that Black Ops 2 will support both DX10 and DX11. And even though he could not share any minimum specs for it, he claimed that the game is running currently without problems on 8800’s and 3870’s. As said and before, performance seems to be a top priority for Treyarch after what happened with Black Ops 1. In fact, Black Ops 2’s engine has ‘significant performance improvement for PC‘, even for low-mid end machines.
Last but not least, the PC version will get some extra graphics options. Cesar did not reveal though whether there will be higher resolution textures or not. In addition, Treyarch is focusing on making the stock game right now and Caser could not comment on the inclusion of mod tools, something that was available with the PC version of Black Ops 1.
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is currently planned for a November 13th release on current generation consoles and PC!