Dino Crisis classic wallpaper

Classic Dino Crisis gets an AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack, available for download now

It’s no secret that a lot of gamers would want to see a remaster of the first Dino Crisis game. And while Capcom does not plan on remastering or remaking this title yet, PC gamers can go ahead and enjoy its Dreamcast version with more detailed textures thanks to this new AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack.

Created by Reddit’s member ‘pepodmc_’, this Texture Pack features a combination between upscaled Gigapixel textures and new textures (as the modder didnt like some textures and others were so low resolution that he couldn’t improve them via the AI Gigapixel algorithm).

As said, this HD Texture Pack is for the Dreamcast version of Dino Crisis and you can use the Reincast Dreamcast emulator in order to run it (you can download the emulator from here). Also note that this Texture Pack works with the “VGA FIX” PAL T7019D__06 (SPANISH) version of the game (though the modder will update it for other pal versions as well).

Those interested can download the AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack from here. You can install it by creating a folder with the name “textures” inside “system/dc” and, in there, putting the folder “T7019D__06”. All you have to do next is enable the option “Load custom textures” in Reicast options and you are good to go.

The modder has also provided some comparison screenshots between the vanilla and the modded versions of Dino Crisis that you can find here.

Have fun!