City of Brass is the latest free game on the Epic Store

The Epic Store has chosen City of Brass as their second free game of this month for players to try and keep. This is the perfect chance to try your hand at this whip-lashing, sword-swinging, Arabian-themed adventure that took the indie and middle shelf scene by storm last year.

Upon its release, many gamers and journalists had their eyes on City of Brass not only because of its eye-catching visual style, but also due to being created by a band of ex-Bioshock developers. Their influence is clear as they showed their practiced eye for crafting action-packed, first-person combat, but this time they included rogue-like elements in their game. Means you’ll probably die. Like a lot. If the reviews are anything to go by, this game is stupid hard.

In City of Brass, you play out one of the stories in A Thousand and One Nights as a lethal Arabian thief making his way through a dangerous city to steal some treasure. There are tons of skeletal enemies to test your swordsmanship on, or you could line up some devious traps for them if you prefer. You can also unleash secondary powers and augmentations on the bonies (which reveals the game’s developmental pedigree).

If your pockets were a little light when this game finally left early access on Steam about a year ago, this means you have run out of excuses to add this middle shelf gem to your freebie collection. Those interested can browse the ‘Store’ tab in their Epic Store client, or you can add it to your library here online.

Next week we will be getting Kingdom New Lands on the 6th of June courtesy of Epic, and we will be sure to remind you here.