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CD Projekt RED on multiplayer and microtransactions

CD Project RED has already confirmed that there will be no microtransactions in Cyberpunk 2077. After that they announced a multiplayer mode for the game, which will come after the game has been released.

Recently a financial teleconference took place and hold by Piotr Nielubowitz, CDPR’s Vice President of finances and Adam Kicinski, CDPR CEO. In there you can listen about monetization in the multiplayer.

The multiplayer is in early development and right now we have no idea when it will be ready. While this news might be alarming, I think it is way too early to come to any conclusions. Hopefully CDPR will stay true to their customers, as they’ve done so far.

You can listen to the financial teleconference here.

You can also watch Laymen Gaming talking about the recent news.

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Thanks Laymen Gaming.

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