Carmageddon: Reincarnation – Latest Update Brings Massive Performance Improvements, Adds SLI Support

Stainless Games has released a new update for Carmageddon: Reincarnation that brings massive performance improvements. According to the patch notes, this patch offers 25-30% performance increase on standard settings. In addition, this patch adds SLI/Crossfire support and improve game performance for machines with low RAM.

This patch will be auto-downloaded from Steam, and you can view its complete changelog below.

Performance Improvements
The techies have been beavering away, and we’ve been diligently testing the results of their labours. So without further ado, here’s the average results that we’re seeing by testing the Career Mode in normal gameplay conditions:

Minimum Spec
20-25% increase across the board on 720p, standard settings
25-30% increase across the board on 1080p, standard settings

Recommended Spec
25-30% increase across the board on 720p, standard settings
20-25% increase across the board on 1080p, standard settings

Note that these gains have come from a whole lot of general optimisations and bug fixes. Work is continuing on fundamental changes/improvements to our core engine tech, and the very significant performance benefits of these changes will be seen in future updates.

The performance improvements above combined with significant changes to the underlying MP code means that multiplayer is now far more stable.


  • Further optimisation on car damage code
  • Added SLI/Crossfire support
  • Improved game performance for machines with low RAM
  • Fixed an issue with loading times when you have vsync turned on in the visual options
  • Reduced stuttering on low spec machines resulting in a much smoother experience
  • Improved performance when Pinball Mode PowerUp is in effect
  • The game no longer needs the KB2670838 Windows update when using Windows 7


  • Localisation fixes
  • Number of laps required on long routes have been reduced
  • Players should now be able to switch between APO using either the arrow keys or A and D when upgrading vehicles
  • Fixed an issue with mines exploding twice when not making contact with a target when using the Mine Shitting PowerUp
  • Cop vehicles now return to their static state on event restart and do not remain active
  • APO slots now show the correct amount available
  • Fixed caps on momentary PowerUps
  • Death Race mode would show players in the lead when they’re not
  • ‘Menage a Trois’ achievement is now unlockable
  • ‘Filled er up!’ achievement is now unlockable
  • Fixed an issue when scrolling through leaderboards
  • Fixed the ‘Car Tart’ challenge to correctly display 24 cars instead of 25
  • Fixed the ‘Hotwiring Hotstuff’ challenge to correctly display 24 cars instead of 25
  • Sound effects volume now no longer effects the engine volume which has its own slider
  • New animation effects now present on the bloody hand cursor (still not bloody though!)
  • Fixed APO bars incorrectly appearing in the garage when pressing the RT/LT triggers on a controller
  • Fixed a bug with the tutorial which meant you could get stuck when being told to go to the Stadium
  • Wheelspin is now only available when the car is travelling below 5mph
  • The game will now choose desktop resolution as the default game resolution for fresh installs (except on low end machines)


  • Fixed a checkpoint spawn issue in the ‘Got Gas?’ Checkpoint Stampede event


  • Further improvements in reducing multiplayer desync and network interruption issues
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in showing no available lobbies when filtering for games with PowerUp purchasing off
  • Fixed an issue where clients can crash if the host uses the Kickstarter Eagle skin
  • The crusher on Landing Pads now correctly continues to work after a network interruption
  • Players should no longer get spawned under the crusher on the Landing Pads arena
  • PowerUp gift timer no longer counts into negative numbers
  • Fixed playlist to correctly show the current event to be played for clients


  • During Fox N Hounds the AI will now correctly run away from other opponents when they have the Fox instead of continuing to chase the player.
  • AI APO now correctly reflects the players progress


  • Pressing NumPad 0 now correctly toggles playback direction
  • Left mouse button is now used to freely move the camera orientation when using the Placeable Cam mode
  • Unlocked camera is now default when using the Placeable Cam mode


  • Fixed a gap in the geometry in the Bleak City Business District level
  • Fixed collision issue with a ramp in the Bleak City Business District which caused you to get trapped inside
  • Fixed a hole in the geometry in the Dusty Trails National Park level
  • Fixed geometry gaps in the stadium on the Bleak City Business District level
  • Audio fixed when inside caves and tunnels
  • Storm light on Grey’s Mall now made more “magnificent”
  • Fixed missing reverb audio in the lower parts of the ship on Magnuchem Reprocessor level
  • Fixed floating peds across all levels
  • Pedestrians no longer spawn under the crusher on Landing Pads arena
  • Fixed a floating sign on the Bleak City Business District level
  • Fixed glass particle effects on the Bleak City Business District level
  • Fixed the balance of negative PowerUps on the lower level of the Berg Blaster route
  • Fixed ped behaviour in the Bleak City Business District level


  • Siamese Dream offensiveness reduced
  • Damage textures appearance tweaked
  • Fixed an issue with your car being damaged if stationary when getting the Mutant Tail PowerUp
  • Manual recover when on slopes is now possible
  • Tez Eagle blade animation now correct
  • Skins can now be previewed first before being applied to your car
  • Tropi-kill no longer maintains collision body on roof after roof items removed
  • Fixed collision body on the rear of the Plow
  • Fixed collision body on spinning blade on The Bear after it’s been removed
  • Frozen opponents effect now applies to cop cars
  • Tropi-kills turbine visual effects now longer continue to play once the turbines are detached
  • Rim choice now also transfers to multiplayer games
  • Razorbill no longer maintains collision body when it’s wheels have been removed
  • The windows of The Plow now correctly smash
  • Fixed an issue with some Kickstarter backers not unlocking the Kickstarter exclusive skins and rims correctly
  • Improved the ability for the Subpressor to chase you
  • Improved the brightness of vehicle headlights so they are not too bright


  • Mods for CarMODgeddon now use the extension .ZIP rather than .ZAD
  • .TDX files are now working correctly for mods when using CarMODgeddon